Illustrator / graphic artist / academic

Erik Pontoppidan is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Copenhagen. His educational background is in art history and modern cultural studies, whereas his technical skills as an illustrator are self taught.  

Illustrating political and cultural phenomena, he combines theoretical knowledge of aesthetics, semiotics and politics with sound practical experience as a free hand drawer.




  • CALYPSO, solo exhibition / TRBL PROJECTS,
    may 2019

  • PRESS PRINT, group exhibition / OVERGADEN, apr. 2019

  • BOLUS, with Anton Peitersen / Galleri Albrectsen, aug. 2015


  • Motion Designer from Kort og Dokumentarfilmskolen
    Nov. 2017 - dec. 2017

  • M.A. in Modern Culture from The university of Copenhagen
    Feb. 2014 – jun. 2016

  • B.A. in Art History from The university of Copenhagen
    sep. 2008 – jun. 2012